Dulce Farias

Growing up in one of the most dangerous and impoverished cities in California has defined Dulce as a person. Being constantly surrounded by poverty and crime, Dulce knew her way for a better life is through education. She was involved as a triathlete in high school but besides her interest in sports she made time to give back to her community, getting involved in her church and as a tutor. Dulce is currently a student at UCSB majoring in Anthropology and double minoring in Spanish and Italian.

Having never left her state, let alone her country, Dulce is ecstatic to have had the opportunity to experience the world by studying abroad in Italy where she experienced a different culture and got to practice her Italian. Dulce has faced serious challenges, such as being diagnosed with severe depression, but with the support of her family and help from professionals she has grown even more as a person and continues to succeed. Most people would see Santa Barbara and Italy as a ticket out, but Dulce wants to come back to San Bernardino with the tools to help her city and her people.

Dulce’s View

As a first generation student from a low income family I never had the opportunity to travel. So I knew one way I would get this opportunity is by studying abroad. I soon noticed while applying, that EAP only has brief descriptions of programs which I thought okay well they have over one hundred programs they can’t go into grave details. This is why I was excited to attend my orientation to know more except the student they had talk about their experience was vague and not very helpful. This is where I got the idea to create my website with helpful advised I wished I knew before studying abroad or even just the chance to hear someones experience. I hope my website is helpful and encourages you to study abroad!

Visit the website: http://dulcesview.com


I decided to write my profile on my sister since she has always been one of my biggest supporters and someone I have been able to look up to as a role model. We have shared our whole lives together and I couldn’t have pick anyone else I would rather do it with.

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