Emily Hascall

Emily Hascall is a sophomore at the University of California, Santa Barbara, currently majoring in Biology within the College of Creative Studies. With passions for marine science, the arts, and literature, Emily hopes to one day become a marine ecologist and author. So far Emily has completed a phytoplankton internship, SBC LTER internship, and currently volunteers for the Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute. Working with the Gabler’s Promise Scholar Program, she was able to incorporate creative writing back into her college experience. With the skills and support from the program, Emily has written and illustrated her first children’s book, and now plans to write many more!

Feeling Right

Emily’s first children’s book, Feeling Right, is a colorful story set in the Sub-Saharan plains of Africa. Meeting at a watering hole, the story follows the woes of five African animals: a hippopotamus, monarch butterfly, hornbill, lion, and toad. Aimed toward younger elementary students, the book tackles the issue of body positivity in a fun, entertaining, and educational way. Emily hopes to self publish her book soon, with plans to write and illustrate many more books in the future! Copy and paste the following link into your search bar to check out her book: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/51438/22/


Emily wouldn’t be where she is today without the love and support of her closest friends. Here is a profile of Amanda Sabin, one of Emily’s oldest friends from middle school. Click the link below to get a snapshot of who Amanda Sabin is!

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