Sarah Davila

Sarah Davila, a second year Theater and English double major, currently pursues her dreams as an actress and freelance writer at UCSB. When drama arises between cast members, as it inevitably does in theater, Sarah performs her duty as Well-Being Officer of Shrunken Heads Production Company by communicating with all members to make sure that theater stays a fun, extracurricular passion. Growing up within a school district that does not highlight the arts, she will always go the extra mile to find her niche, whether it be in acting, singing, or planner designing. Sarah intends to take full advantage of all the amazing creative and challenging opportunities UCSB, and most of all, the Promise Scholar program, has to offer.

Sarah in the promotional photos for MAMMA MIA!

Shrunken Heads Productions

For my year-long project, I chose to create and manage a website for Shrunken Heads which is the only musical theater company here at UCSB. I am the Secretary of SHPC and wanted to create this website in order for SHPC to reach a wider audience in a more professional and accessible manner.

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This is a profile of Grace Wilken, my best friend and roommate of two years. In this project, I aim to capture Grace and her radiant personality when she is doing what she loves most: performing. Whether it is singing together in our room or during a show, Grace shines and I want to share that light.

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