Junjie Ye

Junjie Ye is an aspiring Certified Public Accountant, currently in his second year pursuing a B.A. in Economics and Accounting at UC-Santa Barbara. Along with these academic and professional goals, his background as a first-generation student evoked his interests in business and financial literacy. His interests led him to become a Financial Aid Peer at the university’s financial aid office, the 2020-21 Treasurer of the Promise Scholar Advisory Board, and a member of the Undergraduate Accounting Society. While Junjie continues to develop his professional skill set, he balances work with East Asian light novels and mangas, all the while searching for new activities to stay fit in the pandemic.

Creative writing

Jun’s The Tale of Young Masters, is inspired by his readings of Eastern light novels. The trope of the young master character is commonly used in those novels and Jun wants to share his own take of a young master character encountering a protagonist.