Daian Martinez

Daian Martinez is a second-year student majoring in Statistics and Data Science. As the days go by, she has come to realize that writing codes and analyzing statistical data is not as fun as she romanticized it to be. Instead, her fascination with creative writing has long since lingered in her mind, a feeling so natural and raw. She hopes to get into the College of Creative Studies’ writing and literature program and from there she will begin to carve her own path. She hopes to one day write her own webcomic, just like the many fantasy and science fiction books she enjoys reading. At the same time she plans to use this creativity to create a small sticker business through Etsy. She is also minoring in Chinese because she hopes to visit China one day and enjoy all the amazing food from there. Daian is currently a member of the Coalition for a Better UC, whose aim is to make campus life a welcoming environment for students.