Samantha Abajian

Samantha Abajian is a second-year, Arab-American student at the University of California Santa Barbara. She is currently interested in Anthropology, Film and Media, and Writing, possibly looking to integrate all three. After her incredible experience volunteering in Tanzania, she learned the value of connectivity and passion. She believes her creativity and love for writing can help her explore new places and allow her to stay inspired. She has used writing and a widespread of classes here as a means of embracing uncertainty and exploring new ideas. When not writing, she is a desk attendant for her building, or in the multicultural center attending Lebanese club, where she values getting to know a variety of people. Sam is open to challenges and continually works on her strengths, in hopes to immerse herself in projects that support her life’s purpose.

Year-long project: Gratitude Book Project

For my project, I chose to create three separate profiles about four of my friends, Adam Bagul, Daniel Streaty, Jasmin Landy, and Valerie Silva. Creating these profiles was important work in showing not only the importance of connection and friendship, but the value of listening and understanding. In order to do this I began to think back about moments with these friends in order to tell a story about their characteristics and complexities. I wanted to show all that they are rather than just tell what they mean to me, this included noting many of their traits. Not only did I learn more about myself and my writing through this project, but I learned the impact of giving people the space to be heard.

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Link to essay layout of the book project.

Creative Writing Sample: Profile for Adam

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