Jordyn Fuggins

Jordyn Fuggins is a third-year student at UC Santa Barbara currently working to obtain a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in history.  Jordyn has a passion for understanding systemic social issues and wishes to pursue a career as a civil rights lawyer so that she can actively work against systems that create and perpetuate social inequality. Currently Jordyn is a co-chair on the retention committee of the Underground Scholars Santa Barbara organization and a Jackson Social Justice Legacy Scholar Intern with the MultiCultural Center. Both of these positions have reasserted Jordyn’s passions and her hopes to effect meaningful change in the world. Jordyn is also a McNair Scholar and her research is centered on how media representation of black transgender youth influences the rates of poverty, carcerality, and homelessness among these youth. Her research criticizes binary thinking. It brings to light the negative effects gender and race binaries have on the lived experiences of marginalized communities.

Creative writing

This collection of poems is a vulnerable and in depth depiction of my life experiences and my perceptions of the world.

Year-long Project

My project is a short collection of poems that demonstrate a transition from hardship in my life over to a more positive and bright period of time. The collection exemplifies the journey that I’ve taken in order to realize that difficult situations always get better and that hardship is not permanent. I put this piece together in hopes of inspiring others with this alternative perception of life. I wanted to be vulnerable through this piece so that I can show people who are facing obstacles that their struggles won’t last forever and that eventually things will get better.