Rosemary Juarez

Rosemary is a current 4th year student at UCSB, pursuing a degree in Geography with an emphasis in GIS. She will attend the Bren School 23-24 for a Masters in Environmental Data Science with a Bren Fellowship.  She plans a career in spatial data science within the environmental sector. Her career goals come from wanting to solve data-analytic problems she has encountered during her time in the Geography sphere. She wishes to advocate these problems to a larger audience through spatial data visualization. Her long term goals include becoming a programming developer and creating open-source modeling tools for spatial analysts.


For my year-long project, I focused on collecting oral histories from my family around their experience with brujas from San Pedro Tlalcuapan Chiautempan. I worked on interviewing Spanish speakers, listened to these tales and later transcribed them to English. Using the transcription, I created a story in the horror genre, in a third person narrative of these stories. 

Link to year-long project here.