Bryanna Harrell

Bryanna Harrell is a pre-law student at UC Santa Barbara pursuing a double major in Classics, with an emphasis in Language and Literature, and English; also, tentatively planning a minor in the Civic Engagement track of Professional Writing. With her experience and background being greatly rooted in advocacy, Bryanna aspires to attend law school and become an attorney! As a founding member and elected Youth Commissioner of the Soledad Youth Council, in partnership with the City Council and Board of Education, she was able to provide youth perspective on legislation and shape policymaking. As a legal intern with a local Salinas firm, she was able to investigate California wage and hour violations, protecting workers’ rights. Elected as the proposal intern for the Coalition for a Better UC, a student advocacy group that aims to better the lives of all UC students, she continuously searches for ways to improve public policy and higher education infrastructure. Moreover, as an Evaluation Intern for the UC Santa Barbara Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships, she analyzes quantitative and qualitative data, aiding in the advancement of university programs and resources for students. Appointed to the UC Santa Barbara Pre-Law Society & People’s Justice Project’s Street Law Clinic Leadership Board, she connects Isla Vista and Goleta community members to accessible legal consultations and record-clearing services. Through these advocacy efforts and community endeavors, Bryanna ultimately hopes to enact institutional change that betters the world systemically! 


My writing for this project is rooted in themes of childhood, family, and nature. I developed it to focus more on the realities of societal issues and present day dilemmas. I wrote realistic poetry and discussed the ever changing world of my community, while still incorporating thematic content.

Link to year-long project here.