Ken Knight

Ken is an English major at UC Santa Barbara with a concentration in literature in the culture of information. He is originally from Compton, California but also lived in Napa, CA for four years. Ken is a transfer student from Santa Monica College with two associates, one in film studies and the other in humanities. He enjoys writing psychological thrillers, autobiographies and memoirs and hopes to continue writing short stories in that genre. He loves powerlifting and likes to work out in nature. Ken also likes writing music on occasion with his guitar. Ken hopes to write for magazines around Santa Barbara and would like to publish work with the university journal.


For my project, I wrote about themes of the mundane and everyday life, mostly about my experience moving to a new city and facing love, economic strain and the challenges of living on your own while those things loom in the background. A lot of my inspiration came from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass.” 

Link to year-long project here.